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Willow Cottage Weddings and Macon Experiences are proud to be sponsors of Macon Pride 2021 and offer a beautiful pop up Le Petit Mariage wedding chapel! Everyone is welcome to celebrate love by being legally married at Macon Pride!

We are offering personal ceremonies every 15 minutes (couples must get their marriage licenses themselves) and there will be a Mass Wedding for those who want to share their special moment with a group! We welcome everyone! And if you’re already married, come renew your vows with your spouse in the Mass Ceremony!

If you want to get married September 25, 2021 please fill out the Personal Wedding Ceremony inquiry below and you will be assigned a time. If you would like to get married legally  during the Mass Ceremony, please fill out the Mass Ceremony inquiry and you will receive an email with instructions about how to get your license to us prior to the ceremony. Vow Renewals and Commitment Ceremonies during the Mass Ceremony are welcome. Just show up to participate. We will have someone taking photos of each ceremony and we will be livestreaming as well. All marriage certificates will be filed by us with the appropriate probate court. 

For more information please email us at

Contact your local Georgia Probate Court in the county of your residence for information on securing your marriage license. (One person must live in Georgia)

If both people live outside of Georgia and are wishing to be legally married at Macon Pride, please contact the Bibb County Probate Court for information with regard to obtaining your license. Residents outside of the State of Georgia must have a Bibb County Marriage License for a legal wedding. We cannot accept out of state licenses. 



Times are Assigned First Come

We will see you on 9/25/2021




We will see  you on 9/25/2021

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